I’m DMing a Spelljammer campaign converted to 5e. After half a year playing the party finally has a decent ship and are taking on their first jobs as a delivery service.

Which is delivering 5 tons of shrimp cocktail to a casino asteroid. The halfling mafia boss on Rock of Bral hired them to do this job and provided a mage to cast Cone of Cold on the shrimp periodically during the 4 day journey. Along the way they only got a little distracted rescuing a survivor from a beholder attack and exchanging news with a salvage ship.

When they got to the casino asteroid, they found it was all decked out for “Shrimpfest.” The famous bard, James Buffay and his fans, the Shrimpheads were all lined up for all-you-can-eat shrimp. Hundreds of ships were parked everywhere, just crowds of people drooling for shrimp. But the halfling owner of the casino refused delivery. “My FUCKING cousin stole my magic ring and I don’t want his FUCKING SHRIMP!” was the direct quote. (There’s a bunch of backstory with the party having semi-colluded with the mafia boss’s friend who was escaping from this same casino leading up to a whole earlier shipboard murder mystery that we played through twice due to time travel.)

They couldn’t get the casino owner to sign for the shrimp (though he gave them a letter to deliver to his cousin) and he warned them against trying to sell the shrimp at shrimpfest, but the halfling mage had disappeared, and they did not like the prospect of hauling around 5 tons of spoiled shrimp.

So they loaded it all up into the shipboard catapult and launched free shrimp over everyone until it was all gone. BEST SHRIMPFEST EVER. It was an epic ending to the session, and one of my players commented “That is the most shrimp-centric session of D&D I have ever played.”

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