Got away for the weekend

So, end of 2019 I was coming apart a little. Lots of little things that I wasn’t being resilient about, and the big thing of empty nesting and figuring out what the next big thing is.

Starting therapy helped me figure out how to organize my thoughts around all this stress, and gave me some exercises to practice that have helped me immensely.

And this weekend, Elizabeth and I went up to Hobbyknob Farm, stayed in a cabin, relaxed, and made plans and goals. Now I feel like 2020 is going to be a really good year (with, of course, the wild card of the election thrown in there).

I’m actually pretty happy with most of what I’m already doing. There are some new things I’m going to try, and some new attitudes I’m going to take about the stuff I’m already involved in. But those kinds of small adjustments can make the difference between feeling like you’re running your life and feeling like your life is running you.

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